Operational Subsidiaries

Chasen Logistics Services Limited (Singapore) ("CLSL")

CLSL aims to be the leading logistics service provider in the region, specialising in machinery and equipment relocation solutions and enhancing its service capabilities to meet the diverse needs of the market place. It serves customers in the hi-tech multinational and local companies in the wafer fabrication, TFT LCD display, solar panel and other electronics manufacturing and their support testing industries. 

CLSL boasts a comprehensive range of solutions that include relocation services; not only does CLSL cater for inbound and outbound projects, it also provides repositioning and maintenance projects, packing, management and planning services for our customers on a regular or adhoc basis. CLSL is known to be currently operating one of the largest 3rd party machinery and equipment air-conditioned warehousing facilities in Singapore, catering some 120,000 square feet out of the 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, for the purpose of storing its customers' machinery and equipment that require humidity controlled facilities prior to installation or shipment. Owning a fleet of well diversified and state-of-the-art transportation vehicles and material handling tools and equipment are secondary complements in meeting all kinds of specialised relocation demands. CLSL is able to provide Total Logistics Management for its diversified customer base.

CLSL had clinched several major relocation projects. Notable among these are the moving-in of the capital equipment and facilities for Norway's Renewable Energy Corporation's ("REC") complex in Tuas, which is the world's largest integrated solar panel manufacturing complex. This was awarded to CLSL under a contract through its main contractor, M+W Zander (S) Pte Ltd, and another relocation project on 3M's new plant, also in the Tuas area. Other significant achievements included the ASML move-in to TECH Semiconductor plant and the completion of AMKOR and Energizer capital equipment relocation projects. 

CLSL was also awarded the Bizsafe Star Enterprise Award by the Workplace Safety and Health Council, part of the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. This is the highest certification to recognise companies that implements good safety practices in the workplace.

Chasen (Shanghai) Hi-Tech Machinery Services Pte Ltd (China) ("Chasen Hi-Tech") 
Chasen Sino-Sin (Beijing) Hi-Tech Services Pte Ltd (China) ("Chasen Sino-Sin")

Both Chasen Hi-Tech and Chasen Sino-Sin specialise in domestic and international relocation and resettlement, as well as, packing, handling and warehousing of advanced sophisticated machinery for high technology industries such as semiconductors, TFT-LCD and solar panel manufacturing facilities. Chasen Hi-Tech completed Phase 2 of a TFT-LCD manufacturing plant in 2011 and was also awarded a contract to move-in a customer's solar panel manufacturing equipment from Switzerland to Bao Ding, PRC. 

Chasen Hi-Tech operates from Shanghai whilst Chasen Sino-Sin is based in Beijing. Both operations replicate the services of CLSL in the PRC market securing businesses on their own, as well as, executing relocation contracts secured by CLSL from its global clientele base.

Chasen Sinology (Beijing) Logistics Co., Ltd (China) ("Chasen Sinology")

Incorporated in Beijing as a result of a joint venture with Beijing Xuan Gu Ge Artefact Restoration Technology Co., Ltd, Chasen Sinology is involved, amongst other things, in the provision of artefact packaging and transportation for both domestic and international art exhibitions and cultural exchanges. 

Chasen Sinology's niche is in the provision of a digitisation scanning process that allows it to collate information on the relic pertaining to its history, the material composition and the weak points so that special reinforcements can be provided to protect it from damage during the packaging and transportation. The specialised non-contact packaging fabrication, which completely envelopes a relic to uniformly distribute the stresses that the relic may be subjected to, reduces the risk of damage due to point stresses. Chasen Sinology's CNC machine cutting of the packaging reduces the time of mould fabrication as compared to the previous manual method. 

Chasen Sinology also provides relics warehousing, handling, customs declaration and related consultancy services. It commenced operations on 1 April 2009.

Chasen Logistics Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) ("CLSB")

In Malaysia, CLSB continues to grow its customer base in the machinery and equipment relocation. Apart from relocation contracts serving the MNC hard- disk/media manufacturer, CLSB has also expanded its packing service facility, thus catering to the needs of its existing and new customer requirements. 

CLSB has been awarded the mover service maintenance contract with Intel and will continue to discuss with potential customers on similar management of relocation projects within the territory. 

CLSB's operations replicate the services of CLSL in the Malaysian market securing businesses on its own, as well as, executing relocation contracts secured by CLSL from its global clientele base.

City Zone Express (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (China) ("CZE Shanghai")

CZE Shanghai provides third party logistics services and facilitates total logistics solutions such as warehousing, customs brokerage and land transportation for customers, across China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. It strives to be a world-class transportation clearance agent for domestic and international cargo in the supply chain management and strive to maintain the highest level of quality, reliability and affordability in the industry.

DNKH Logistics Pte Ltd (Singapore) ("DNKH")

DNKH specialises in transportation and offers full scale import and export logistics services in air freight, sea freight, oversize cargo handling, machine moving, show logistics, product distribution and warehousing. With over 40,000 square feet of warehouse space, including bonded warehouses, DNKH customises and tailor-makes operating procedures to cater to customer's specific requirements.

City Zone Express Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) ("CZE")

CZE is a Malaysian company specialising in providing third party logistics services such as warehousing, customs brokerage and land transportation covering Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It strives to be a world-class transport and warehouse service provider by maintaining the highest level of quality, reliability and affordability in the industry. 

CZE owns a sizeable truck fleet comprising a total of 85 units ranging from 45-footer, 40-footer, 24-footer, 5-tonner, 3-tonner and 1-tonner. The majority of these assets are engaged in daily interstate long and short haul transportation runs between Singapore, Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. 

CZE is based in Penang and will serve as the core of Chasen's plan to establish this service throughout Malaysia, starting in the peninsula before extending its reach into East Malaysia.

REI Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore) ("REI")

Incorporated in Singapore, REI seeks to achieve win-win situations with customers and suppliers focusing on effective communication and commitment to tasks delivering products and services at the highest quality at the lowest cost of ownership. It operates a supporting facility in Penang to enable it to be cost effective in its services. 

REI's range of products and services includes turnkey solutions in equipment relocation both locally and regionally, mid-size base build facilitisation, office renovation, utilities hookups, cleanroom construction and automation systems. Through the provision of such services, REI has added a new dimension in the turnkey relocation solutions offered by the Group to its customers.

In support of the "green movement", REI has introduced an intelligent energy management system called i.nerv, employing a systemic approach to improve efficiency of air-conditioning system by up to 40%. To this end, it hopes to provide this value-added service to high-rise commercial buildings and condominium owners and managers in the region.

Chasen Engineering Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) ("CESB")

CESB is the Malaysian subsidiary of REI Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore). It complements the services of REI Technologies (Singapore) in the region.

REI Promax Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore) ("REI Promax")

REI Promax aims to be the preferred global partner in precision machining technology for its customers. It has manufacturing facilities in Singapore and Suzhou in the PRC, serving customers in the semiconductor, optical, aerospace, telecommunication and military industries in Singapore and the region, the PRC, US and Europe. REI Promax provides an array of solutions that comprises prototype machining, precision machining for components such as moulds, jigs and fixtures, mechanical sub-assemblies, design and fabrication of special purpose machines and reverse engineering. 

REI Promax's tagline, Solutions Through Precision Engineering, is the motivation behind its quality philosophy. It ensures that quality is the responsibility of all and the careful management of all processes ensuring that quality is build into the system. Driven with the desire for continual improvement, REI Promax has been certified with ISO9001:2000.

Hup Lian Engineering Pte Ltd (Singapore) ("HLE")

HLE is a specialised engineering and structural steel fabrication supplier and installation service provider to the local construction, marine and energy related industries. It is ISO 9001:2000 certified and was accredited structural steel fabricator for category S2 by the Singapore Structural Steel Society in 2005. 

Having amassed vast experience in the design, supply and installation of steel fabrication for the construction of industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, shopping malls, link ways and other steel structures in Singapore, HLE has been successful in securing projects in the marine, property development and oil and gas industries. 

Among the notable projects completed by HLE include structural steelworks for the Sentosa Integrated Resort and REC world's largest solar manufacturing complex in Tuas, the Ministry of Education headquarters at North Buona Vista Road, canopy structure at Clarke Quay, roofing shelters for HDB's multi-storey carparks, SOITEC - FAB 3 manufacturing plant, SMAG III chemical plants at Jurong Island and pharmaceutical plants for Schering Plough Ltd, Lonza and Genentech.

Goh Kwang Heng Pte Ltd & Goh Kwang Heng Scaffolding Pte Ltd (Singapore) ("GKH Group")

The GKH Group has been providing scaffolding services since 1984 as a business partnership between two brothers. Following its incorporation as a limited liability company in 1992, it has been a prominent scaffolding equipment and service provider to Singapore's marine and construction industries. An ISO 9001:2000 certified scaffolding solutions provider, the GKH Group has been mandated by Singapore's Ministry of Manpower as an Approved Scaffolding Contractor since 2004. 

The GKH Group started providing scaffolding services using timber system and thereafter, switched to providing frame scaffold system and eventually turned to the present tubular and coupling scaffold system. GKH has scored many 'firsts' pertaining to safety performance, among which were the introduction of human catch netting, fall arrest mechanism with lifeline and latest being the introduction of a 1.5m width emergency escape tower in the IR Marina Sands project. 

As technology advances, the GKH Group expanded to provide a wider range of scaffold systems, including the modular scaffold system, and started developments on new range of scaffold products to meet industrial needs of the marine and construction industries. GKH has been a long time service supplier to Keppel Shipyard and hitherto, continues to maintain its foothold with the established shipyard. Among the many projects completed were the Floating Storage Oil Tankers ("FSO") and Oil Rig Platforms. 

Other notable projects that the GKH Group has undertaken include the Concorde Hotel, Biopolis, Admiralty Industrial Park, National Library and Changi Terminal 3, and is currently providing scaffolds to the REC complex in Tuas, IR Sentosa Theme Park, construction of MRT station at One North and construction of supply vessels at Keppel Shipyard.

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