Board of Directors

Executive Director

Mr Siah Boon Hock (“Eddie”), the Executive Director of the Group, was appointed to the Board of Chasen Holdings Limited since 2007. Besides assisting the Managing Director and CEO in business and operational matters, specially overseas subsidiaries like Chasen Logistics Sdn Bhd, Chasen Transport Logistics Co., Ltd and Chasen (USA), Inc, and following up new business opportunities, he is also the Managing Director of the Technical & Engineering Group comprising Goh Kwang Heng Group, Team Glass Engineering Pte Ltd and Hup Lian Engineering Pte Ltd.

As the Managing Director, Eddie has direct responsibility for the business success and growth of the abovenamed operating subsidiary group with the head of its subsidiaries reporting directly to him. He is also responsible for evaluating and securing Board approval, establishment of legal framework and successful execution of major projects in the Technical & Engineering business segment that require specific project funding and resources procured through the parent company that is over and above the normal working capital of the subsidiary involved in the project.

Eddie brings with him more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, which include being a regional sales manager responsible for the sales and market development of supply chain management solutions to personal computer OEMs with internationally recognized brands such as Apple, IBM, Compaq (now known as Hewlett Packard) in Asia.

Prior to joining Chasen, Eddie was an executive director with Ascomp Cyberware International Pte Ltd from 2000 to 2001, where he managed the sales development of the trading company.